A Summer Fling with Vanna K for Bella Luce

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A Summer Fling with Vanna K for Bella Luce

They say that people wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, and all life for happiness.  There’s no need to wait.  Summer is here and happiness is at our fingertips – it’s just up to us to grab it and make it our own!


As the first series of rotations for “A Summer Fling” with Vanna K for Bella Luce, I’d like to share some of the sparkling debut pieces and favorites coming your way from May 15 through 18. I hope they captivate your heart as they do mine!




It’s not difficult to see why any woman who has this meticulously crafted medallion style pendant will feel like the center of the universe.  Overlapping micro pave strands semi-orbit the pendant and encircle the dangle tanzanite Bella that dances with every muscle you move. Otherworldly and captivating to look at, this will be a lifetime piece you will reach for to give your look the ultimate “wow” factor.




A replica of an original Vanna K diamond design, this ornate ring has everything you could possibly want in a solitaire.  The white-glove selected clear Bella stone at the center is flanked on both sides with raised ribbon like details that are encrusted with pave Bella stones and finished at the ends with baguettes stones set east to west. The tapered shape gives an extra touch of femininity to an otherwise geometric creation. Sparkling from every angle due to the pave work on all three sides of the band, this ring will make summer live in your heart all year long.




Epitomizing my love for true vintage styling, this ring could have been your great grandmother’s family heirloom that was kept just for you.  A replica of an original Vanna K diamond design, this shield style ring has all the old-world appeal a girl could dream of.  A vertical oval shape that features milgrain etched filigree lace like details at the center, bezel set round Bella stones on the edges, and a bezel set tanzanite Bella stone at the center, it’s precisely how jewelry used to be designed and crafted centuries ago when craftsman used to take time to create jewelry that were true pieces of art. This is a creation any woman would be proud to own and one day pass down to the next generation.




It’s no secret that the radiant cushion is one of my favorite diamond (and Bella Luce) shapes.  This ring has such a unique setting, with a basket weave style design on the two sides of the center stone.  I love that this can be worn as both an engagement ring or a right-hand fashion ring today or decades down the line. Meticulous craftsmanship with unique design are hallmarks of Vanna K jewelry.




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I love a multi-colored stackable eternity band, especially a vintage one. These dainty beauties have so much detail, you’ll hardly be able to take your eyes off of them! Wear one, two, three, or up to four of them  at once by stacking a mixture of platineve, yellow, rose gold, or gun color – or wear a single one alone. A timeless classic that will never go out of style.

-Vanna K

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