5 beautiful Jewelry Items Every Girl Should Have

We are all aware of the closet staple, but the jewelry? Jewelry, we tend to just buy jewelry is a trend or season. Every girl should have an essential accessory to collect any day. This is our five main jewelry every girl should have. Pearl Necklace A pearl necklace is a classic and will never […]

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Most Valuable diamond in the World

Tanzanite Unlike most gemstones that have a variety of locales, this relatively new stone has only been found in Northern Tanzania. The first gemstone was discovered by Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu in 1967. Tanzania stone is a blue gem quality zoisite, is one of the official birthstone of December. Experts predict that Tanzania stone supply […]

The difference of Man-Made Diamonds

The difference of Man-Made Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a must-have for jewelry lovers, But do you know the difference of Man-Made Diamonds? There are man-made diamonds, also referred to as “lab-grown diamonds” or “synthetic diamonds”, that are not traditionally-mined. Believe it or not, they still convey the same beauty and characteristics as a mined diamond. Over 50 […]

Enjoy 2016 Hottest Jewelry Trends

Boost your style, complete your look, or add to your accessories collection. Find the best styles with these top 10 jewelry trends of 2016 to try now! Infographic courtesy of Sparkling Jewellery London   Ear Cuffs Fake multiple piercings with this ‘all ears’ jewelry Rolex Watches Replica UK trend. Great for women who are looking […]