Hottest Jewelry Trend of Mixed Metal Madness, Charms, Rings and Pendants

Let’s get to know one of the hottest jewelry trend, mixed metal madness. At Nina Designs we love to Mix Metals! Just take a peek at all of our Mixed Metal Design Ideas that the Ladies of Nina Designs have created! With our wide variety of finishes it’s hard not to mix and match. There […]

Fashion Week is Coming, Using the Pantone Fall 2016 Color Palette to Design on Trend Jewelry

Fashion Week is about to begin.   Nina Designs has everything you need to add these trending colors to your jewelry designs! We carry a wide selection of colorful Gemstones, Deer Hide Laces and Tassels! If you’re feeling shy about adding color to your designs, browse through our Tassel Design Ideas and Leather Design Ideas! We can’t wait to see what you […]

Back to School Jewelry – New Year Come New Wardrobe And School Supplies

It’s about time to go back to school. Have you prepared your school spirit jewelry? We’ve put together a Back to School Collection of charms, pendants and tassels for you to create with! Get into the School Spirit by sporting your school mascot, school colors, favorite club or team. Use our Jewelry Tassels as Pom […]

What does the Ohm sound mean? It’s the All Encompassing Cosmic Vibration of the Universe.

What does the Ohm sound mean? Ohm is an ancient Sanskrit word that is considered by many Eastern religions as the Primal Sound.  In these religions, it is believed that God created sound first and therefore Ohm is the seed sound of all creation. It is further believed that the Universe, the Gods, and all […]

Summertime Adventures and Jewelry which Celebrates them!

It’s the middle of Summer – the perfect time to pack up the car and head for the hills. We all need to “unplug” from our phones, computers, tablets and daily grind from time to time and nature is the perfect escape! Many of us have fond childhood memories of going away to summer camp: […]

Find the Symbolism of Spirit Animals!

A Spirit Animal or Power Animal represents the “life force” or soul of an animal, which appears to humans – through their dreams, meditations and in their waking life – in order to share their wisdom. The belief in Spirit Animals has its origins mainly in Native American Tribes, although similar spiritual practices can be […]

Let’s Get Physical. Fun Fitness Jewelry!

If you’re like most of us, you’re a little bit of both, depending on the time of year or the mood you’re in. They say that doing as little as 30 minutes a day of exercise will create huge positive changes in your health and life expectancy. And it doesn’t have to be anything too […]

You Should dive for Jewelry Inspiration

Scuba diving offers a window into a rich and diverse underwater world that remains largely a mystery to us even in this high tech age. I learned to dive in Bali in 1994 over Nyepi, a holiday during which evil spirits visit earth and it is against the law for anyone to go outside in […]

Symbolism of Feathers – Feathers Appear When Angels are Near

It reminds me of when I was a child and I would find white feathers everywhere. My grandmother would always say it meant my Guardian Angel was near.  I decided that this was my way of communicating with the Angels.  I would talk to them as most children talk to their imaginary friends, then if […]

The Beautiful QA with David Sigal

Sigal Style™ Lapis & Glacier Topaz™ Silver Bracelet and Oval Lapis & White Topaz Silver Ring Many of David’s signature items in Sigal Style feature colorful gemstones, enameling and other interesting stylistic elements. I was lucky enough to chat with David on one of his visits to JTV headquarters, and better understand the designer behind […]

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