Sparkle Into the New Year with Vanna K

Sparkle Into the New Year with Vanna K

Most of the time, they are specific and regular goals, etc., shape, eat more healthy, organize closets, stop delay, no fear, quit smoking, and so on. And these are worthy of all we should pursue the goal, 2017 my goal is happiness, but I can achieve this. It sounds like a general goal, but I […]

rose gold

Luxurious bouquet of rose gold on this Valentine’s Day

BELARUS is a special tycoon, luxurious Berraus by the experienced designer, creative designer, and bull Kejejian. I hope you have as much fun as I do in this beautiful jewel! The pink and pink diamond rings, in the main photo, are purely chic and relaxed and stylish. Add this simple rose gold ring and multifaceted […]

pearls wearing

Precious World of Pearls Sixth Anniversary

The most classic, timeless, and unique gemstones celebrate another anniversary at JTV! We are glad you are here to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the precious pearls. Lucky people like to decorate and have pearls to emphasize each suit! This is because the pearls show a range of colors from white to pink, silver, cream, […]

The Pre-Collections jewelry inspiring us for 2017

The Pre-Collections jewelry inspiring us for 2017

With chokers as the stars of the show at the Chanel, Gucci and Elie Saab Pre-Fall/Winter collections, explore the key jewelry trends that are set to take shape for 2017.

Rebellious Path ring in gold and diamonds by Sardo

what is a species worth: Sardo’s graphic jewelry

Stigliano, has found itself under the spotlight of the exclusive concept store. Geometric rings and earrings put a new spin on the classic pear-cut diamond and emeralds on minimalist settings. Miniature works of architecture which are bringing this fresh new face to the forefront of the Italian jewelry scene.


what is a species worth: Color and Creativity

Gem Days is one of our biggest loose gemstones and gemstones, and we take advantage of some of our most popular colors and creative stones and styles. Tempting Tanzanite Tanzanite’s discovery has been called the most important gemstone find in 2,000 years. It’s is a single-source gemstone that’s a thousand times rarer than diamond, and […]

Jewelry Moments from the 2017 Golden Globes

Best Jewelry Moments from the 2017 Golden Globes

This year’s star on the red carpet stunning dazzling, emerald stone-dangling terrain. Here, all the gems and hidden gems look better than evening’s best.

How To Stack Your Rings Like A Pro

While we all agree that a number of trends are best kept in the past, it also agrees, at least at what office he wore, that some trends are too good to give up even if they are no longer fashionable. So in all new-year-new-you-closet-cleanse, trend-to-toss content, we would like to compare some of the […]

Fashion Girls Get Vintage Engagement Rings

what is a species worth: Fashion Girls Get Vintage Engagement Rings

When we determine the engagement ring will be welcome at any time, the season of contact is one thing, we are in the middle, right between the festival and Valentine’s Day. This time, we rest from the engagement ring trend coverage and how much money to spend in the ring to talk about an engagement […]


Unique, Cool Rings Nobody Else Will Have

It’s been a few years since ring-stacking frenzy went to full mainstream, so we’re guessing that up to now you have your exquisite, wear-with-anything band in lock. Although we will not announce the pendulum swing back to the bib-necklace and faux cocktail ring  territories, there is no regret to give up minimalism in exchange for […]

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