Jewelry History


luxurious Blue Gemstone shines in your eyes

Blue is a calm color, a symbol of wisdom and loyalty. Although the color is rarely found in food, it accounts for most of the sky and the ocean. Most favorite, this color attracts the audience’s quiet nature. There is no doubt that the blue gem is popular for good sellers jewelry and engagement rings. […]

Plant Trees Feed Families Change Lives – Your Purchases Help Grow a Forest Garden

If you purchase from Nina Designs, we will plant a tree, and your purchases also help create Forest Gardens. Since 2012, Nina Designs has partnered with Trees for the Future, a public charity dedicated to ending extreme hunger and poverty across Sub Saharan Africa by revitalizing degraded lands and planting trees through seed distribution and […]

Charm Bracelet, Collection of Memories that Tell Many Great Stories

Charm bracelets can tell many stories. One can pick out individual charms to bring good luck, celebrate a memory, or pay homage to a loved one. Pandora bracelets became remarkably popular for their charms, allowing an individual to build their own charm bracelets. Keep in mind, there are no do’s and don’ts to building a charm […]


Nowadays, the use of gold is in jewelry, to some degree, but not all gold is in jewelry. A Brief History Lesson Let’s travel back in time! Back to the 1900’s when the United States implemented the Gold Standard Act. Gold, at this time, could be used as physical currency. The U.S government had assigned […]

Marcy, Associate Designer of Nina Designs, Enjoy making Talisman Jewelry

Marcy, a fabulous ladies as a designer at Nina Designs. Each month we would like to introduce a different member of our staff to you and let them share their artistic passion and inspiration…in their own words… Marcy, Associate Designer I like to make Talisman Jewelry. I started making jewelry when I was about 10. […]

Introducing The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus

Ladies And Gentlemen….The Greatest Show on Earth! Just last week, the circus announced the end of their popular performing elephant show. May 1st, 2016 was marked down as the last show for eleven touring elephants. Elephant acts have been a main attraction for the Ringling circus and have often been featured on its ads, souvenirs, […]