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Moissanite Fire

The best jewelry in 2016:Moissanite Fire

Many people like to collect the Moissanite fire, we would like to remind you of some of our most popular part of from the past year. Moissanite Fire cross pendant glitter simple and adapt to the needs of the broad masses of people, so it was very popular. We love it paired with our top-selling […]

wedding jewelry

The Marlene Harris Collection – Wedding Jewelry

This store has many kind of jewelry. Although we are passionate about all our jewelry, our specialty is wedding jewelry and we’ve brought together an exciting array of engagement rings and wedding bands here for your viewing pleasure. Each piece has been hand selected and carries with it the weight of our considerable reputation. We’ll […]

Get Your Bespoke Jewelry From Wendy Brandes Currently!

“Bespoke” is a fancy word for custom jewelry, the term that I prefer. I was especially interested in this paragraph. There’s a story in today’s New York Times Thursday Styles section about “bespoke jewelry.” “So-called bespoke pieces (the term started in men’s wear but has spread, like ‘curate,’ to everything from bicycles to software) are […]