Southwest Style Summer Trends

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Southwest Style Summer Trends

Summer is just around the corner and that means warmer weather is on the way! Get ready to warm up your summer vacations and jewelry wardrobe with new, bright and fun pieces from Southwest Style!


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No gemstone can take me to my happy place of clear blue skies and open blue waters than turquoise! I will be wearing this gorgeous cuff bracelet, three stone ring and sterling silver etched ring  during all my summer adventures!



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Step into pendant paradise with these fabulous and unique turquoise and sterling silver pendants! Talk about statement pieces! From pear shaped to sterling silver to oval shaped you’ll find the perfect pendant to add some Southwest Style flair to your wardrobe.



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Nothing says summer to me like bright and beautiful coral jewelry! If your jewelry collection is missing coral, this red sponge coral cuff bracelet, three strand bracelet and solitaire ring are the perfect pieces to start your collection!



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If you love color as much as I do, you’ll love the fun and bright colors reflective of the southwest region seen in this blue and purple Kingman Turquoise cross necklace. Or, if you’re looking for authentic style of the southwest you’ll love this Fancy Blue Turquoise dreamcatcher pendant –perfect for everyday wear!


Celebrate the arrival of a new season with new pieces from Southwest Style! The warm bright colors of this fabulous collection are the perfect addition to your summer jewelry wardrobe. Celebrate the warm and sunny days ahead in Southwest Style!



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