The Fashion Jewelry Guide to Valentine’s Day


While many spend a few weeks before Valentine’s Day dinner reservations and floral arrangements grumble for us, expecting to create the perfect holiday. No clothes are not complete with several key accessories. Is a shiny bracelet, piles of thin rings, decorated with text above the pink packaging bracelets and heart-shaped charm, a powerful accessories game we always can be in the back.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we got some new and classic Pandora jewelry, creating editor-approved now looks like you can shop. In the future, five STYLECASTER employees share pendants, charm bracelets, and more with Pod and their personal style, and provide them with the need to wear Pandora jewelry for Valentine’s Day.


“I rarely ever wear color, so I like to have fun with my jewelry when the holiday permits it—and Valentine’s Day is pretty much the ultimate go-pink-or-go-home holiday. The fuchsia beads jazz up an otherwise simple, understated bracelet, and the tiny heart rings made me feel festive without looking too over the top.”

“I love how stackable the rings are, and these delicate pieces are very in line with my style. They’re perfect for dressing up outfits and special ocassions.”

“These double-sided studs are so cool, and the necklace and bangles have just enough color to make them fun, but still a bit subtle. These are great for Valentine’s Day dinner with the S.O.!”

“What’s so nice about these pieces is that they can be mixed and matched in a million different ways. I especially like loading up charms on a bracelet, then keeping everything else minimal. The perfume bottle charm is my personal fave, and very Valentine’s Day appropriate.”