Temperatures and style dictate colorful and imaginative legs this autumn, and if you are trying to kick a simple outfit into high fashion.And this season, ready-to-wear styles are simple and easy. And you have got a ensemble with flair.The simple structured suits dominating fashion collections this year is easily individualized with colored and textured hose. From glistening tights that define elegance to casual basics in brightly colored yarns, gives the fashionable girl an easy approach to plaid dresses up and customize a basic outfit. Dark opaque hose are popular with light colored suits this autumn – a black or brown leg gives contrast and depth to a ivory or white suit. Collection of matte microfiber hose features an assortment of weights and shades ranging from rich chocolate browns, deep wines and jar greens.Sleek and glistening daytime fabrics call to get a glistening leg. The brand new line of tights with a barely there shine flawlessly off-sets a bold business suit or sleek day wear. Hints of black in semi-opaque tones are also available in knee-highs.
And, inspired by the men’s fashions of the’50s, rayon knee-highs and trouser socks worn with short skirts and shorts will place the casual feel of a fall golf game in your wardrobe. Argyle and plaid, these warm and woolly socks are great with everything from cut-off jeans to corduroy jumpers.Back-to-school styles have brought the recurrence of plaid dress and suits. Accessorizes plaid outfits with myriad plaid and argyle tights, over-the-knee socks, knee-highs, trouser socks and plaid trimmed socks. Unique and traditional combinations can be found in enlarged plaid patterns, plaid-on-a-bias and updated plaid colors. And, for its fashion-conscious guy, has included a line of men’s socks to its Chaps Ralph Lauren collection for autumn. Aimed at the younger male client, these socks incorporate whimsical holiday designs, boot socks, stylish argyles and crests, plaid dresses fashions and a wide offering of coarser gauged fabrics.