Raleigh’s House of Landor sells vintage dresses in modern times


House of Landor is located inside the vintage furniture and vintage dresses for sale. The shop sells vintage clothing from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s — mainly cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Outfits are priced between $100 and $400.

They are all glamorous, and most of them literally sparkle.

Vintage Dresses

House of Landor owner Mary Beth Paulson has always enjoyed the classic costume. After her child moves out, she turns her love retro clothes into a woman’s dream job! She travels all over the country looking for unique retro clothing for her clients and friends.

Between 150 and 200 years part of the stock is saved in the Landor, but Paulson holds some “unprecedented” block to show the trunk.

Paulson is found in a few days a week to help retro fashion searchers find the perfect occasion. Her antique knowledge designer, style and fabric with her ability to mix and match blocks to create a perfect expert for her to see the designer.

Vintage Dresses

Paulson puts a lot of thought and care into each piece. While most of the dresses at House of Landor are in their original state, Paulson will sometimes make alterations to modernize pieces, like she did with this sassy cocktail dress which was once a floor-length gown.

Vintage Dresses

These vintage ensembles are well made, affordable and recycled!

The outfits found at House of Landor are not your weekend brunch dresses — unless your squad goes total glam for brunch. Instead, I would describe these as occasion pieces. If I’m looking for a NYE dress that sparkles, celebrating a work promotion or searching for that perfect dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner, I’m buying from House of Landor.

House of Landor’s Instagram has post after post of gorgeous available pieces, which is the perfect way to keep an eye out for your next vintage outfit. If you’re looking for something glamorous and unique that no one else has, look no further than House of Landor!