Do You Know What Is a Table Cut Diamond?


Here’s an answer for everyone who has ever wondered what a “TABLE CUT” diamond is.  Sometimes, people ask me questions and it seems like the perfect opportunity for a blog. I’ve often thought that if I have a question, other people must be asking the same question.

The first thing you need to see is a natural diamond crystal. This is just a diamond crystal, the way it came out of the ground.

Picture They don’t all look like this. Some are more irregular, some are triangular and flat, some are like squished ice cubes. The picture above is what all miners want to find- the platonic form of a perfect diamond crystal.

Actually, THIS is what all miners want to find- a perfectly smooth sided diamond crystal called a “glassie.”

Picture Remember diamond cutting the way we know it today didn’t exist in previous centuries. The only option a jeweler had was to set the crystal as it was. That’s when you’d end up with something that looks like the coronation ring of King Charles I.

Picture  You can see the diamond crystal just sticking up out of the setting in all its weapon-like glory. Now look at the underside of the gold that’s holding the diamond. You can see that the gold is basically just set around the shape of the diamond crystal. All the diamond cutter did was to ground down the point on the bottom end of the stone.

I guess someone along the line decided that the diamond would either look good or at least not put the wearer’s eye out if they ground down the point on the top. And they literally did grind down the point. They put the diamond on a wheel covered with diamond dust and (fun fact alert) OLIVE OIL, and simply ground the point down until it created a flat area that looked like a table top. That’s it. That’s how we got table cut diamonds and why they’re called that.

Now you can go forth and impress your friends who are getting engaged with completely useless information about the history of diamond cutting!

Picture Picture